Create a Story Fun

Having some fun over in one of the Facebook groups from my two fave authors. Today is the group’s anniversary so shenanigans are afoot!

One such shenanigan was to create a story based on the picture  below LOL


What a random assortment right? Of course my first thought was WTF this looks way too hard. Buuuuuut i tried…

So here’s what i came up with 😛 :


Frederick thought the job would be easy. He’d planned everything down to the T. Waking up to the shrieking alarm with a sore throat, watery eyes and sniffles was not part of the plan! Had anyone ever pulled off a job like this while hacking up a lung? And why did he have to be sick today of all days?

Apart from waking from a nightmare about aliens taking over the world, and tumbling out of bed when he woke up in surprise (and the cold from hell) everything else was set. He got dressed then he  creeped out the bedroom, slithering along the wall until he got to the room. He pressed his ear to the bedroom door. Silence. Nice.

He slipped into the room and looked around. He didn’t have to look far; the box was in the cupboard. Silly grownups hadn’t even tried to hide the thing. He took a second to rattle the box to try to guess what it was. Hmm, no sound. He hoped he hadn’t gotten some rubbish socks again. How many socks could a guy get from his grandmother?

“Frederick Randoll Simmons! What are you doing in here and why are you dressed like that?”

Oh no. He nearly dropped the box, when had mummy come into the room? And what did she mean why was he dressed like this? He was in his best sneaking around gear. He had the eye mask and everything. Didn’t she see that?

He faced his mother. Today he was seven and that made him old enough to face the danger that lay ahead right?

“I only wanted to see what granny sent for me.” He sniffled and followed that up with very watery sneeze.

“Oh no honey, are you sick?”

He shrugged like it wasn’t a big thing “Maybe.”

“Aww, well ok you can open this one early then.”
Yes! He guessed being sick had its perks.

The gift turned out to be a sweet new game. (which he found after digging through a mound of paper) 5 points for granny. She did good this time.

And even though he had to take a bunch of nasty tasting meds, he wasn’t too bad by party time. So he devoured lots of cookies (his dad yelled at him to slow down), played some old school game with paper and scissors? (he didn’t understand old people at all) and boogied to some sweet tunes.

Today had been a good day indeed!


Fun right? So feel free to craft your own story from the dice above! 😀

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