!@#$ WTF😮 aka non-spoilery Review of Illuminae 

So my bookstore had Illuminae… I’d heard good things about the book…the unique format of telling the story through emails/texts/medical reports etc intrigued me…so i finally bought it. I also didn’t know the store was having a sale so yayyy meee.

Right i settled in and was immediately all ooooh at the graphics for the reports and emails and other docs. Alright cool, said I,  this looks fun but little did i know i was about to be dragged into feels city. Hahahha the time before i read Illuminae: such an innocent time 

Hahahh how naive of me…i should have known. Eventually my updates became 😮😮😮 omg wtf holy shit nooo AIDAN WTF!! I’m not even exaggerating here: 

Me during the entire book to be quite honest: 

 No spoilers but let’s just say AIDAN the AI was such a great character and i wanted to scream at this damn AI throughout (i may have, idk it’s a blur of emotions and incoherent screeching)

Oh wait look guess i did…😵

Soooo clearly I was on the edge of my bed the entire time and didn’t want to stop reading (but sleep is a thing i need…damn meat sack bodies) and i regret not having Gemina to immediately jump into, but it’s on the wayyyyy so soooon soooon
5/5 spaceships for Illuminae. Soooo go read it!! And then come scream at me for dragging you into this hell…😈 because i cannot be alone here 😭

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