Flash Fiction: Fatal Attraction



The first time Belle caught a glimpse of Jessa Bane she felt an array of emotions: disgust that the bloodsucker had chosen to even breathe the same air she had, intrigue about the smirk that touched her lips and lust. Fucking god damn, unwanted lust.

It wasn’t even the way her dress clung to her every curve that had Belle salivating. She had to admit that was a hell of a dress, though. She didn’t know many people who could pull off what basically amounted to a red leather tube, but Jessa did.

In spite of all that the thing that made Belle take another gulp of her drink was the air of “I will step on you and you will like it” that Jessa exuded as she strolled through the club, surrounded by bloodsuckers from her inner circle and humans who were foolish enough to get sucked in by the soucouyant’s charm.

Belle’s eyes flicked to the gold septum piercing Jessa wore. It spelt out bitch and Belle had no doubt that was true. She could even relate. She’d been called bitch enough times. Not like she cared. She was a fucking bitch and owned that shit.

She had to stop staring. But she was pissed off and aroused. A terrible combination. How fucking dare this leech come in here? And disturb the night of fun and debauchery Belle had planned. She’d been busy working on her pickup game then this…

“Holy shit who’s that? She’s hot.”

Belle had forgotten all about the woman she’d been dropping her best game on but now she turned to the brunette sitting on the bar stool next to her and sneered at the glazed look in her eyes.

“That’s trouble.”

The woman looked even more intrigued by Belle’s words and it added to her annoyance. For the simple fact that Belle got it. She didn’t shy away from trouble so much as get off on running towards it. Except if that trouble would fuck with her money, then nah.

But she didn’t need this kind of trouble. Everyone knew Belle Reeves did not lust after leeches. No matter how progressive her parents were trying to be with their “can’t we all just get along song and dance.” There’d long been a rift between witches and jumbies and Belle wasn’t forgetting that. Why should she be friendly with these creatures? They fed on humans for fucks sake!

No matter how much of a god damn goddess Jessa looked like right now as she held court with the people vying for her attention. Belle wouldn’t allow this brief lapse in her judgement to persist. Her lust after a soucouyant? No. That was a mild glitch or something.

“Oh my god. She’s looking this way.”

Ugh seriously. Belle needed to move away from this woman. Call this flirtation a lost cause because every word out of her mouth was pushing her.

But she wasn’t wrong. Jessa Bane was looking over at them and Belle froze. Body full on locked down as eyes that briefly flashed amber focused right on her. Lush lips painted a dark purple curved up and Belle was treated to a glimpse of one sharp fang. Jessa’s tongue rubbed at the tip of the fang. Slowly. Back and forth.


Belle didn’t run from anything. It wasn’t her style but fuck this. Her body tightened and she felt that smirk right between her legs.

She yanked her gaze away, severing the connection and growled at the brunette. “If you wanna get the best fuck of your life come with me.”

She didn’t wait. Didn’t look back. The woman would follow. They always did. She had plans for this one and if she briefly wondered about what the graze of sharp teeth against her flesh would feel like so what?

No one would ever know she’d damn near lost her mind or that the feel of that gaze on her back, as she stalked out, nearly made her come right then and there.



Copyright © 2020 N.G. Peltier



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