Sweet Treat: a sexy Devon & Reba short

This story is inspired by the below photos:

Reba: you home yet?

Devon: Just parked

Reba: aww poor thing. At least this is the last late night for the project yeah?

Devon: Yeah, until the next one.

Reba: have a good night. Dream sexy things about me. ttyl 😉 😘

Devon smiled down at his phone before he exited the car. God, he missed Reba. Work had monopolized his time for weeks and even though he had tried to ensure they communicated throughout, he hadn’t gotten to actually meet up for some quality time.

Reba had sent him enough pouty faced, sexy photos for him to know the next time they were in the same space he was going to get jumped. Not that he minded. Who wouldn’t want a sexy as hell woman all over them?

He sighed as he unlocked the front door and entered the house. The lights were on a timer so they usually came on when night fell but Devon still got startled by the figure lounging in one of his armchairs.

“Took you long enough. I was getting sleepy,” Reba drawled.

“Reba?” He blinked at her sitting there, clad in only a white shirt that was probably his because he was sure Reba didn’t own something as mundane as a plain, white shirt.

Was he so tired he was hallucinating his whole girlfriend? And her hair was different too. The last photo she had sent him was of her signature pink tresses, but this wasn’t that. Her hair fell in a straight light blue wave over her shoulder.

“The one and only, darling,” she purred, uncrossing her legs. She stuck a blue lollipop in her mouth and Devon’s eyes dropped to her lips around the thing’s blue head. She pulled it out with a pop. “Now, put the briefcase down and have a seat.”

“Wait, how did you even get in here?” They weren’t at the stage of their relationship yet where she had a spare key to his place.

Reba’s smile was slow and mischievous. It promised he was in for a damn good time. He dropped the case and did just as she asked, took a seat on the couch opposite where his personal chaos demon sat.

“You know how resourceful I am. And persuasive. I told your mom I wanted to surprise you after working oh so hard.” She got to her feet, hand reaching up to the buttons on the shirt. He finally noticed her nails. One side was blue to match her hair and the other a bright orange.

Damn, it was like he could already feel them on his skin, digging in as she wrapped her legs around him while he thrust into her. Fuck. Okay this was happening.

He had just wanted to shower and get to bed after today but now he felt a buzz run along his skin as those buttons opened to reveal what she had on underneath.

“Holy fucking shit,” he whispered.

Reba did a little spin so when she dropped the shirt he got a full look at her bare ass cheeks revealed by the blue thong she was wearing. The matching metallic blue bikini top barely encased her breasts.

“You like?” she asked as she ran her nails from the necklace she had on with what looked like a bunch of colourful charms—he couldn’t tell what they were from here—all the way along her exposed midriff to end at her hip where her hibiscus tattoo was.

He swallowed. “Obviously.”

Reba approached, her bare feet making her prowl silent across the floor. Now that she was close he could see the charms were different coloured cherries. The red one in the middle was surrounded by others in yellow, blue, purple and pink. He looked up at her as she went back to sucking on her lollipop again, while her foot came up to nudge his crotch.

“Hmm, somebody’s happy to see me. Did he miss me?”

“Yes.” Devon reached to clasp his hand around her ankle while Reba resumed pushing the lollipop in and out her mouth.

“Good. Cuz it got me so fucking wet while I was sitting here. Waiting. Fingering myself thinking about how all that dick would feel inside me.”

Devon’s brain was focused on Reba yes but now he wondered how the hell did she finger herself with those nails?

“I’m talented in many ways, you know that.” She said as if she’d read his mind. She winked and resumed rubbing his dick with her foot.

He needed out of these pants now. After all this, he refused to come in his pants. He wanted to be up in her wet heat when he came. He would accept nothing less.

“Mmm, I missed this so fucking much.”

“And me?” he asked. Geez, if his family could see the whipped mess he was now. They would get a good laugh. But he did miss her; it wasn’t just about the sex. Reba was this bright whirlwind that had come into his life and now he didn’t know how he’d move through the world without her. So yeah, fuck it he was whipped. He didn’t care.

Reba grinned. “I meaaan, I guess you too.” She stepped back and gestured to him. “Get rid of that shirt and pants.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He made quick work of his clothes, eyes never leaving her face, watching as her tongue slipped out to lick at the lollipop.

“Oh, I love an obedient man.”

“I know.” He didn’t always give into Reba’s whims easily. Which he knew she enjoyed. He had clocked a while ago that she loved to rile him up and maybe he played along sometimes. But tonight there would be no push back. He would have her anyway she wanted.

Once he was in his boxer briefs alone, his dick practically busting out of it, Reba handed him her lollipop. “Now, hold onto that for me hmm? Don’t drop it. Just think of the sticky mess you’d make on your floor.”

Yeah he didn’t like mess but damn Reba really was the devil. He wasn’t sure he could keep his grip on the candy while she was standing there looking like that and…fucking hell. Oh yeah this was going to be hard.

Reba tossed off her top, then slid her panties down her leg. She was a sight. All that luscious brown skin. With nothing on except that damn cherry necklace. She tossed her hair over her shoulder so nothing obstructed his view of her breasts.

Devon’s grip tightened onto the lollipop stick as Reba cupped her breasts. “They definitely missed you too.”

“Come here,” he instructed.

Reba cocked her head to the side as if she pondered not listening. But she came towards him, leaning down. “I’m in the mood to have something in my mouth.” She grinned and nodded at the lollipop. “Gimme,” she said and opened her mouth.

Devon took the deepest breath as she enclosed her mouth around the lollipop, moaning as she sucked the hard ball in and out. Her cheeks hollowing and her tongue flicking out occasionally. He needed her to taste him, suck him the way she was going to town on the damn lollipop. Was this who he had become? Jealous of some damn sweet?

“Let me touch you,” he basically begged. “Please.”

Reba released the lollipop. “I never said you couldn’t, silly man.”

He wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her towards him so she was in his lap, straddling him. Wetness pressed up against his briefs. She placed her hands on his shoulder, moving her hips back and forth against his clothed dick.

“Mmm, I can’t wait to ride you.”

His free hand reached up to cup her breast while his thumb pressed against her nipple, making it plump up. “God, you’re so beautiful.”

He kept rubbing at her nipple until she groaned, and thrust against him harder. He released her and clasped his hand lightly around her neck, drawing her in to capture her mouth. She tasted sweet, of course, from the lollipop—which he still held onto for dear life. He wasn’t going to drop the thing.

“Please fuck me now,” Reba murmured against his lips. “I need you.”

“Let me get this off.”“ Just lift a bit.” Reba scooted back and he raised his ass off the couch so he could pull down his briefs enough to free his dick. “Oh yeah, that’s the stuff.”

She positioned herself so she could sink all the way down on him. “Oh fuck, that’s good,” she groaned. They had discussed this before, going raw like this, and they both regularly got checked up. Reba was also adamant about her birth control because she wasn’t ready for any little versions of herself just yet.

But he guessed tonight was the night and fuck him, she felt so good as he thrust up into her and she ground down on him. She wrapped her hands around his neck and began a slow torturous ride.

“Reba, fuck.”

“Mmm, yeah just like that.”

He nearly lost the lollipop as he moved to grip her hip but captured it between his fingers. “Fuck this damn thing,” he grumbled.

“Aww, poor baby.” Reba’s slow grind shifted to a delicious bounce and Devon was ready to toss the lollipop wherever. He tried to rationalise doing so by thinking that he could clean up any mess he made.

But he knew after Reba worked him over, he would be too damn tired to even think.

“I know something that’ll be even better than this.” she said near his ear before slowing down again. “Lemme get off.”

“Wait, what? Hold on…” he tried to catch her hand as she got off, leaving his dick coated in her wetness.

“I look even better from the back,” was all she said before she went down on all fours, back arched, ass presented for him, her pussy glistening, a beacon for him to get the hell up and get over there.

“You want me dead,” he said, trying to catch his breath, still not moving. His poor heart was thudding in his chest.

Reba looked over her shoulder, spreading her legs wider and wiggled her ass. “Come on,” she said, reaching back to grip one cheek so he could see everything.

Okay, damn yeah. He got to his feet, stepping out of his briefs before settling himself behind her, rubbing his dick in her wetness enjoying her loud moans as she pushed back trying to get him in.

“Patience,” he said as he grabbed a handful of her flesh, gripping and releasing, loving how worked up it made Reba. She wasn’t the only one who could apply some light torture.

“Fuck patience. I don’t know her!”

He entered her and god damn… the grip as he got all the way in, pushing in slowly then coming almost all the way out until just his tip remained, before thrusting back in. Reba was going wild beneath him, pushing back on him, ass bouncing beautifully. If he was the type to film himself while having sex, he would capture this moment right here. He reached up to where Reba’s hair lay over her shoulder and rolled it up into his fist, lighting tugging her head back as he thrust forward harder.

“Oh fuck that’s hot,” Reba moaned out.

“Yeah?” He was careful with her hair always, because he knew how precious her wigs were to her, but in the moment it felt like the right thing to do and well…Reba clearly loved it.

“Yes, oh fuck don’t stop hitting it like thaaat.”He could easily oblige. Devon appreciated the perfect arch of Reba’s back and the bounce of her breasts as she fucked herself back on his dick.

“Oh shit I’m gonna…”

“Yeah, me too,” he admitted. 

He couldn’t hold back anymore and seriously fuck the lollipop. He tossed it on the table and didn’t think too much about it making a sticky spot. Not when he had Reba underneath him making all those glorious noises, her body moving sinuously as he fucked her harder, faster. He gripped her ass cheek pulling them apart and pressing down on her back so she went lower. So he could get an even better view to watch his dick move in and out of her pussy.

Reba whined out. “Playing so dirty, fucking hell.” But she never stopped moving those hips. “Come on my ass. Please,” she added as if he would say no.

The command did give him pause for all of a millisecond because his brain legit shorted at the visual. Not that he had to imagine for long because he pulled out just in time and spurted all over her lovely brown skin.

“Jesus fucking Christ.” Reba went down flat on her stomach. “God, you beautiful, beautiful man.”

Devon came up behind her and she turned to press back against him. His come smearing all over his stomach. They would both need a nice long shower once they could actually move.

“Thank you,” Reba said.

“No, I should thank you. Perfect end to the longest week ever.” He placed a kiss on her shoulder as they lay on the ground spooned up against each other.

“Where did the lollipop go?” Reba asked, tone laced with amusement.

Devon groaned. “Please don’t remind me it’s on the table somewhere like a beacon for ants. I’m trying to bask in the moment.”

“Look at you letting go.”

He squeezed her hip. “You’re a bad influence.”

Reba wiggled her ass against his hand. “I think you pronounced best wrong.”

“Hmph. I guess.”

“You’re lucky I didn’t send you the video I took getting myself off on that chair. But I figured you would get nada done at work after that. See? That was me being not bad.”

“W-wait. You have a video?” Holy Shit. She was going to be the actual death of him.

She reached back to pat his thigh. “Later. We’ll watch it. I need like 10 minutes to catch myself because someone incapacitated me with their dick.”

“We need to go shower too.”

“Shh, shh, too dick addled right now.”

He wasn’t going to win the argument and quite frankly, snugged up against her like this, feeling more relaxed than he had in weeks, he didn’t actually want to.


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