10 Fave Romance Books by Black Authors (read in 2020, so far)

I haven’t done one of these lists in a while, but here we are!! I’ve read some really great books this year and wanted to specifically focus on the ones by Black authors. So in no particular order: 

  1. Desire at Dawn – Fiona Zedde: CW for character with breast cancer. First book I read by Fiona and won’t be the last. The MC is a black Jamaican vampire who’s also a virgin struggling with being turned, her bloodlust, her sexuality. I was all about this.

2. A Taste of Her Own Medicine – Tasha L. Harrison: older heroine, younger hero. Sexy as hell!! The sparks! The Chemistry! Will they ever leave this car or just stay here, making each other come forever??? LOL

3. Honey Girl – Morgan Rogers: CW for body focused repetitive behaviour/picking. This one is out next year February and it’s got “Um I got drunk married to a stranger in Vegas????.” There’s a romance in this but I feel like it’s more woman’s fiction as it focuses on Grace who is trying to figure out her career and herself ( but also tries to locate this mysterious woman she married randomly. There’s a HEA) It’s lush and beautifully written.

4. Grand Theft N.Y.E – Katrina Jackson: THIS BOOK IS A WHOLE FUN RIDE! We got Cleo who is fabulous and confident and pairing her with a sorta broody, sexy hero? YES. This would make a deliciously good heist movie! @netflix get on this!

5. Make a Scene – Mimi Grace: excuse me how dare Mimi write this amazing book and leave me feeling all the mushy feelings and wanting a Duncan of my own??? Fake dating is my jam. This one had everything I needed. Gawjus sweet guy, steamy sex. Cute dates. She licked his face?? Awkward

6. Me + Somebody’s Son – Christina C Jones: As per usual with a CCJ book I was giggling, laughing, snickering right through. I loved this second chance romance between August and Haven. It was super sweet and sexy. The banter was on point.

7. Take a Hint Dani Brown – Talia Hibbert: poignant and freaking hilarious. Loved Zaf and Dani from page 1. we got fake dating again (Did I mention this is my jam??) with these two are have opposite opinions on romance. So obviously, the yes let’s keep is casual was never gonna work out for Zaf or the I don’t do relationship but yes let’s do this pretend thing for Dani but it sure makes for good reading 🙂

8. Birthday Shot – Rilzy Adams: Just start reading Rilzy’s books now. Don’t question me. Caribbean author and this one is set in Antigua. The Caribbean vibe is all over this book and of course I loved that. the house party. Dancehall and soca. YES. Also hello friends to lovers trope alert!

9. The Angel’s Fire – Holley Trent: This is book 8 in the series but can be read as a standalone (I haven’t read the others that came before). Lola and Tarik had me entertained throughout. This takes place over the course of different time periods and this goddess (literally) Lola cannot stand Tarik (fallen angel) until well she can’t help but fall for him. I mean look at that cover??

10. A Flick Between Friends – Shae Sanders: new to me author and I urge everyone to read this one! A quick funny HOT read! She asks her friend to help her film porn, starring both of them lol. the hilarious banter this created. READ IT!

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