Small Change – ARC Review

First off a TW: for attempted suicide. It is mentioned, via the LI, Christopher’s, messages to his brother Jude who tried to kill himself so just be aware of this for those going in who maybe triggered. Jude also suffers from depression.



Ok, so when i heard Ginger, Daniels BFF from the Middle of Somewhere series (which i really loved!) was getting her own story I was pretty much yesss good i’m all about it. And i liked it, and her!

Ginger’s a pretty complex character but that’s what I liked about her. Getting to see those scenes from Daniel’s book from Ginger’s POV really added seven more depth to their friendship. And Christopher, her LI is such a sweet heart. That guy i swear, can I have a Christopher to make me those chicken and waffles too please and thanks.


We were learning each other in small, manageable pieces—mapping each new inch of terrain slowly, to see how far into each other’s territory we could venture.


Generally i liked the story and the characters. I’m pretty intrigued by Faron and Jude and Morgan. I’m wondering who’s book is next. hmmm.

I think, for me, it was a good read but I didn’t get that wowness that I got from the other books in the series. At times I just found it slow, and I’ll admit I struggled a bit with the book because of that. For me there wasn’t the must devour, must know more now feeling. I’m not sure if this was because I was in the middle of a hangover from another book i read before this that yeh i really loved! Soooo maybe my reading of this one suffered a bit because of that? Could be. Or not.

BUT that’s not to say I wouldn’t rec this one, i still would! Ginger and Christopher are so steamy together *cough* alley scene *cough* and they’re opposites but yet somehow fit.


He shrugged. “I just know that I like the bits of you I’ve seen, and I want to see the rest.”


Wait wait how can i forget the most important thing that I liked about this !! Ginger is queer!! i repeat GINGER IS QUEERRRR!!! it’s stated pretty explicitly that she’s dated men and women and IDs as queer so awww yessss!! more m/f with both or one of MCs being not straight please!

We also get to see Ginger calling out sexism and misogyny in the tattoo industry which hell yeh! The way this was portrayed using social media for her to launch her campaign felt pretty damn realistic as someone who’s seen it all the time on social media how some men try to pit women against each other all the damn time by basically pulling the “you’re not like other girls crap” so kudos to the author for highlighting something that’s a problem not just in this industry but for women in general!


Rating: Palm Tree on Samsung Palm Tree on Samsung Palm Tree on Samsung

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