Five Fave Book Covers for the Year (thus far)

2017 is quickly speeding towards it’s end and in July I did a post about my ten fave books for the year so far and I figured hey why not shout out some cover love as well? Of course the five books I chose are also books I’d add to that previous list (one’s already on it lol)

So what do these five have in common? They all feature people of colour on the covers! And all but one are written by women of colour 😀 So, in no particular order here are my 5 fave book covers for the year so far.


  1. Hate To Want You by Alisha Rai

Why do I love it? Just look at that tattoo. And Livy’s hair. And Nicholas just being all sexy and stuff. And hi Livy’s character is Japanese/Hawaiian so yes excellent perfect cover. 10/10 would continuously stare at it in awe.


2. An Extraordinary Union by Alyssa Cole

Why do I love it? A historical romance with a black woman, with natural hair on the cover in a pretty dress. yes to every damn thing! Also I love how the colours complement her dress so perfectly. The designs on the door. The wallpaper. Even the curly fancy things in the box with the title and author name. Everything just works! This was my first hist-rom with a black heroine and it shall not be my last i guarantee you that! i’m already anticipating book two in this series.


3. Rise of the Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste

Why do I love it? Just look at the riot of colours there that pop against the cool shades of blue. And i think I almost screamed when i saw the cover for the first time because Mama D’Leau is perfectly depicted! Look at her hair on there, and Corinne’s. A book about jumbies by a trini author, with that cover? I adore everything about that and was so happy to see Tracey got this beautiful cover *sob*


4. Acting on Impulse by Mia Sosa

Why do I love it? Mia’s a new to me author who i discovered thanks to twitter. But when I saw the cover I was so enchanted by it. It’s just really cute. You really feel like the couple on the cover are together. Love the blues on there. It’s just such an adorable cover! The inside’s pretty great too. 😉


5. Deacon by Kitrocha 

Why do I love it? The covers for this spin off series are sooo on point like…which each new one revealed I swear I just wanna scream at their gawjusness. And hi hello loook at this one? Yes the book is called Deacon after our hero but Anna steals the show for me. In the book and on the cover. How bad ass does she look??? A black woman on the cover with her tats and the guns! Lawd the guns! She’s ready to kick some asses! Also purple’s my fave colour. I love how bright these covers are even though some serious biz goes down in the books. The mix of the colours and the models poses on the cover just really work for me. Also leather pants…gotta love that.


Bonus Love for Series Covers! 

Each of these books are part of a series and the other covers are just great too so why not include them one time? And since I do what I want, you’re welcome 😀


Forbidden Hearts Series – Alisha Rai


Love on Cue – Mia Sosa



The Jumbies – Tracey Baptiste



Loyal League – Alyssa Cole


Gideon’s Riders – Kitrocha 



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