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Hey peeps! Today on ye old blog I review Beyond Forever by Kitrocha. It releases tomorrow (October 24th) If you’ve read their Beyond series you’ll already know this one is about the King and Queen of Sector 4, Dallas and Lex and how they first met eee!!

I fell in love with the series last year so of course i was so intrigued about their meeting. We’ve gotten hints about it but never the actual scenes so of course I was thrilled to get an ARC for review.

Before i dive into the review here’s the cover and blurb!



Before they were the King and Queen…

Six years before the Beyond series started, an ambitious bootlegger named Dallas O’Kane caught a very pretty thief named Lex with her hand in his safe.

The rest is very sexy history.

In Beyond Forever, follow Dallas and Lex through the turning points in their relationship, from the night he caught her trying to rob him, through his rise to successful bootlegger, to legend, to Sector Leader–with Lex always there, willing to give him the push he needs.

Beyond Forever is a prequel novella that jumps through time to tell the story of the biggest moments in the formation of the O’Kanes and their King and Queen. It will be far more enjoyable if you’ve already read Beyond Control, and contains spoilers for the entire Beyond series.

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Told through a series of flashbacks, with two present day scenes at the beginning and very end, i immediately fell in love with Lex again. She’s one of my faves in the entire series and seeing a young Lex getting caught stealing from Dallas and the banter was fun!

Seeing characters you’ve grown to love as they encounter each other for the first time…man it’s the best. Ace meeting Lex, just so priceless. Because i adore my two bi faves 😀

I loved how we also get to see Dallas building his empire and becoming King of Sector 4., and the key part Lex played in that. The creation and finessing of the O’Kane liquor, the opening of the Broken Circle. Getting these glimpses of their past adds so many details to the overall story. Not that it wouldn’t still be a stellar series if we never got this novella but to me we get to know so much more about how these characters became who they are!

And the push and pull between Dallas and Lex? Damn delicious…hot as always. Poor Dallas, he never did stand a chance against Lex.

And Dallas. What a complex character, from the very beginning. Having to play the role of barbarian King and we get to see that, but also his vulnerabilities. This line struck me so hard:

Declan O’Kane could grieve for the dead later. Dallas, king of Sector Four, had a party to get to.


Remember that push and pull i mentioned earlier??? Whoo boyyyy these two i swear…

Dallas didn’t know if she was coming to kiss him or kill him, and Jesus, it was hot.


But my most favourite part ever? Lex organizing all the women on the compound to go on strike to get Dallas to open his damn eyes! *falls harder for Lex* It was a glorious move, so spectacular and hilarious (those poor O’Kane boys didn’t know what to do with themselves lol) It’s just one of the reasons I adore her. She never let Dallas steam roll her ever. She let him have it when he was being down right foolish.

*heart eyes allll over the place for Lex* seriously.


I’m so glad we got this story and it was a fun ride 😉






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