Review // Her Perfect Affair (Matched to Perfection #2)


First off, how cute are those covers?? Secondly, when i learned that the books featured Puerto Rican sisters and the author is Puerto Rican/Mexican heritage I was extremely intrigued and was lucky to score an e-arc for the first book, from Kensington, last year. Priscilla Oliveras was a new to me author and I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, His Perfect Partner, so of course I wanted to read book 2 and yayy i also got an ARC of that 🙂

I really enjoyed this as much as book 1 in the series. Jeremy and Rosa were so good together and as individuals. While this one was a low heat level like book 1 (one closed door sex scene) there were some steamier make out scenes 😉 with lots of great tension.

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I love how Priscilla Oliveras centres family as an important theme. The potential one between Rosa and Jeremy (she’s carrying his child), Rosa’s sisters and Jeremy’s parents, as well as the family Rosa has created with her poetry students. I loved seeing those different dynamics at play.

It showcased how different relationships in your life can have different meanings but are all as important!!

While we get to see the early stages of Rosa’s pregnancies it’s not easy, as she’s diagnosed with the same condition her mother had. One that requires bed rest and certain foods to help with her upset stomach/nausea. It was so interesting seeing the Puerto Rican remedies for this and one of my fave scenes is Jeremy being taught what to prepare for Rosa by her god mother.
I loved Jeremy! He’s such a sweetie and cares about Rosa so much. I cackled when he had no idea what type of olives to get when he’s sent out to get the items for the meals and returns with allll the types of olives. Lol. Honestly, this was me every time he did something sweet:

I also appreciates how when Rosa calls him out on things or points out how he messed up he listened. He really wants to show Rosa how much he cares.
And Rosa’s gesture at the end to show Jeremy how much she cares about him too. It was sooo sweet!! And shows such growth as she was always scared to share her poetry in public. I thought the gesture was pretty great while still being true to who Rosa is 🙂

The glimpses we got of Yaz and Tomás as a family unit, I liked that a lot. I always look forward to getting a peek at the previous couple’s life even as the focus remains on the new couple. Oliveras does this nicely as Yaz and Tomás’ wedding opens the book.
Lili, the youngest is next up to have her story told and she intrigues me so i cant wait to read her book!



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