ARC Review // Damaged Goods

40281342They fell in love fifteen years ago and never quite fell out again…

Laura Burne arrives in Beesley-on-Sea searching for peace, happiness, and safety—not for the teenage sweetheart she left behind. And yet, one moonlit night on the beach, she finds him anyway.

Samir may be a man now, but he’s still sexy as sin, still sweet as pie, and still determined to take care of her. The problem is, while he’s remained the same, Laura’s life is forever changed—and not just by the unborn child she carries.

She’s on the run from her own personal monster. Her baby’s father. Her husband. There isn’t a man alive who’d take on those complications. So Laura has to remember that just because Samir protects her, and makes her smile, and watches her with something close to hunger in his eyes, it doesn’t mean he wants her…

Which is a shame. Because, against all reason and all goddamn common sense, Laura just might want him.

Damaged Goods is an interracial romance starring a white heroine and a Moroccan-Italian hero. Though it can be read as a standalone, the author recommends reading book 1, A Girl Like Her, first. This story is 40,000 words of sweet, angsty, red-hot, second-chance romance. There is NO love triangle and a guaranteed HEA!

Please note: this book contains descriptions of domestic abuse, intimate partner violence, and child abuse that may trigger some readers.



Talia is magic and so damn talented like…ok so i was lucky to get an ARC of this and Samir and Laura are my faves!! Second only to Jasmine and Rahul from Wanna Bet? Samir and i had some insta love going on because from the moment he came on page i adored him?


I would advise reading Ravenswood 1 as the events of this novella occur after that and besides you gotta meet Ruth and Evan which you want to do! R & E also have a cameo in this and Ruuuth is my girl.

So the character development with Laura is really well done. In book 1 I was like whoooo does this woman feel she is treating my girl Ruth like this???? but there was a legit reason for Laura’s behaviour. I will not lie to you there’s some heavy scenes in here. Laura’s husband is terrible and abusive! her sister is also not the best human being :/ So heed the TWs from the author.

My emotions were allll over the place. There were moments of wanting to cry but moments laughing too. Samir and Laura also have a past, so this is second chance at love for them and lawdy there’s this moment that is so perfectly charged and tension filled. Talia’s a boss at that i will say. Tensiiiiion for daaays. So well done.

Samir and Laura are so good together. Things building between them never felt rushed. They just felt so right.

When she laughed, something inside him slotted into place. As if making her laugh was part of his life’s work, somehow. As if this was what he should’ve been doing all along. Maybe it was.

I was glad to see that Laura and Ruth are friends. Because damn as i mentioned Laura’s sister whoooo boy if I could’ve reached into the book and smacked her I would’ve. And on the flip side of that it was great to see Samir relationship with his bro. It’s vastly different from Laura’s with her sis. Samir’s bro teased him about Laura and I was so amused by all their exchanges 🙂

And the epilogue??? Almost ended meeeee


Those are happy tears obviously but wow my feeeeels.

Just read it ok?! please? but read A Girl Like Her first cuz you want to and need to meet Ruth first.



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