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Dgz_gZyU8AABi8SBLURB: Tasia Quirk is young, Black, and fabulous. She’s a senior, she’s got great friends, and a supportive and wealthy family. She even plays football as the only girl on her private high school’s team.

But when she catches her mamma trying to stuff a mysterious box in the closet, her identity is suddenly called into question. Now Tasia’s determined to unravel the lies that have overtaken her life. Along the way, she discovers what family and forgiveness really mean, and that her answers don’t come without a fee. An artsy bisexual boy from the Valley could help her find them—but only if she stops fighting who she is, beyond the color of her skin

RELEASE DATE: October 16th, 2018


Wow I really loved this debut. I was so lucky to win an ARC and very quickly fell in love with Tasia “Taze” Quirk our black girl football playing MC. It’s all told from her POV and damn my feelings took a hit. They were allll over the place because Taze is going through some internal turmoil after some truths about herself come to light.

Taze by herself is such an amazing character. So well fleshed out. But then we see Taze interacting with others and damn i love messy, makes mistakes all over the place trying to find themselves characters. This book is very much about identity and family. The ones we grow up with and the ones we form.

I loved the relationship between Taze and her bro Tristan. As with her mom and dad, the sibling relationship becomes strained after it’s revealed her mom’s been lying to her about who her dad really is.

That propels allll of Taze’s actions after and puts her on the path to trying to find out who she is and while that journey allows her to meet a whole new set of people who eventually become a key part in her life she sorta pushes away from the family she’s known her entire life and her friends too. I mean she’s angry after being lied to so it makes for some heavyyyy emotional scenes i think, which were so well executed. I was alll up in my feels so yup.

The cast of characters here are so interesting, each in their own right and even as we are introduced to a lot of people they never over shadow Taze. This is her story and journey and the author did a great job of balancing that. And Kaiiiiiii damn i loved that kid. he’s second only to Taze. My arsty bi son yessss.

Each new character we meet felt so full and like I’d want to know more about their back stories. They were all so multifaceted and interesting. And there were so many powerful and great scenes in here. Like Taze taking a knee during one of her games, the negative reactions she got and two other black kids on the team joining her. Her friendship with her bestie Stacy (Slim), which IMO perfectly showed how sometimes we mess up with the people we love the most and it can be really hard to talk it out and forgive.

Oh man. Taze’s bro’s list about forgiveness was another powerful scene to me. Just…i would love for this book to be required reading for schools. There are sooo many themes explored here in such great ways! I would’ve loved a book like this to dissect when i was in school for real!

I’m gonna need everybody to preorder, buy, shout bout this book when it’s out. It’s really so great!



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