Here There Be Buttons…

I have no recollection of how my obsession with buttons began. All i know is one day i became aware of their existence and knew yesssss i had to have some!

Luckily enough, there was a group called The Button Guys here who even opened a store for all fun button needs. (Which reminds me i’m probably due for a visit to add some more button-shaped fun things to my collection)

What’s so fun about buttons? Glad you asked cuz they’re a really fun way to snazz up your bag and flail about the things you love in a fun, colourful way! Just look at these:

2013-05-14 19.16.36

Each button has it’s own story too! I’ll just let you try to figure that out on your own 😉 So feel free to speculate in the comments 😛

Some of my faves from the bunch:

  1. Invader Zim with trusty, incompetent side-kick GIR. If you have no idea who Invader Zim is please google and add joy and hilarity to your life. Seriously, one of the funniest Nickelodeon cartoons ever. Sadly i lost this button on my last move *cries forever* Hopefully, the store still has these cuz i need anew one!

2013-05-11 22.57.20

2. This one is just so cute and prettyyy much sums me up. so yeh 😀

2013-08-01 21.42.56.jpg

3. And this one, because who doesn’t want someone in knee-high orange and black striped socks hmm? lol

2013-10-12 18.17.11

This is my current collection, as some got so rusted i had to let them go. But still fun to wear, whenever! Note: the SBCS one. I brought my obsession into the work place and suggested we do buttons for an event and people loved them! Spreading the button love, one design at a time 😉  HR even had a day where we got to stick our hand in a envelope and choose a button. i got a smiley face one, which i since somehow lost 🙁 And didn’t even get to take a pic of it. le sigh.


But anyhoooooo feel free to share your fave button designs with me! 🙂

*this has been a  very random post from a very random individual who is currently on vacation and felt the random urge to babble on about buttons. 




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