A Box Filled with Magic? Yes please!

So there are a bunch of book subscription boxes around. I follow Fairy Loot and Owl Crate online for awhile but I never ordered anything. I’ve basically been scoping out the scene, checking out their previous monthly boxes to see if i wanted to try one.

And then! Lo and Behold Fairy Loot released their July theme: CjMQIL8UYAA1Are.jpg

Now that sounds really interesting and I decided to get my first ever book subscription box (now that I have that new bookcase I’ll have somewhere to put the books and fun bookish goodies)

The box will contain two books this time! One signed and dedicated book and the other an ARC of a a highly anticipated 2017 release. So, I mean c’mon two books for the price of one? Nice. Some more details on the July box here 

So the box has been ordered (look I even have pirate washi tape I was meant to have this be my first subscription box :D)


So stay tuned for an update on the box when it gets here! 😀


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