Snippet Sunday #1: “you’re trouble”


ooooh look i did a collage aesthetic thing 😀 

anyhoo, well, it’s Sunday…and I’m trying to edit this draft. I won Nano last year with this one, then added about 20k a few months later. So now I’m trying to edit this mess thing.

So snippet? just because? or maybe i’ll even make Snippet Sunday a thing…or Saturday…or any day of the week. whatever. (if i make the rule i can break it right?)

So mini club scene “oh no my best friend might kill me for even breathing near his sister” type snippet:

Santi’s hands were on Amari’s arms, to steady her of course. Not because he liked the feel of all that warm, toned skin beneath his palm.

She grinned up at him “Hi.”

“You’re trouble.” Understatement of the year.

Amari shook her head up and down, curls bouncing “A little trouble never hurt nobody.”

Not true. It would hurt him. Because Marcus would likely punch him in the face and…oh shit why?

As if he’d conjured the man by just thinking about him, Marcus appeared, shouldering his way through the wall of sweaty bodies and froze when he saw Santi. Santi, whose arms were full of his sister. Great.



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