A quick Holiday read! Bonfire Review

Tis the season for holiday reads! Well, not usually for me, I don’t purposefully seek them out around this time or anything but I got an ARC of Bonfire by Irene Preston and Liv Rancourt so it’s actually my first holiday type read for the season 🙂


I sat down and read it all this afternoon and what a quick and lovely read! I really enjoyed this holiday novella. I didn’t read book 1 before diving into this but I may very well go back and read it. That being said, some things were recapped from book 1, how Sara came to be with Thad, so you won’t be lost if you haven’t read the full length novel.

Thad is such an intriguing character, battling his feelings for Sara with his religious beliefs. I loved that this was where his inner conflict stemmed as I’m used to vampires battling their hunger rather than something like this, but I think the authors tackled it pretty well.

Sara and Thad’s personalities balanced each other out quite nicely, and from the moment i read this line :

“Sarasija’s arrival replaced peace with joy and meditation with laughter. And the stillness of chant with…Lady Gaga”

That alone made me eager to read on.

In between watching the character’s relationship unfold and grow, we have a mini mystery of the feu follet, strange lights that cause people to follow and get lost in the swamp. the mystery was engaging and allowed us to see more of the towns folk.

All in all a really fun read. Looking forward to reading more about Sara and Thad.

Also i randomly found this GIF and I’m just gonna pretend this sums of Sarasija when the tree went up  😛
4/5 Christmas ornaments for Bonfire! 🙂

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