The Soucouyant Ting: Snippet Sunday

Been bleeding my soul all over this doc..ahem, i mean writing away–but having lots of fun with it–on this thing that I’m calling “Soucouyant Book” for now. Main character’s a soucouyant (soo-coo-yah) so that’s what this WIP shall be dubbed til by some flash of inspiration a  title appears.

Anyhoo…what in the world is a soucouyant you ask? It’s one of our folklore characters: (appears as an old woman, sheds her skin, flies around as a fireball, slips into people’s homes to feed on them) of course i’m flipping that a bit, made my MC younger, and this WIP is crammed full of our (by our i mean Trinidadian/Caribbean) folklore characters. It’s so much fun playing around with them, staying true to the essence of each character while adding my own twist to ’em. I’ve been wanting to get back to working on this forever…forevaaaaa!!

I’m at…*squints* hey!! i passed 25k when i wasn’t paying attention.

Whoo!  *wines low*


Wine-ing = how we dance. Great workout too, truuuust me 😉 Finished drinking all that in? Niceness…

Right, so I’m a bit over 25k so have a unedited snippet and a wee novel aesthetic, maybe?



“Lynx,” His voice was strangled, like it was difficult to get just the one word out.

Her fingers moved down, traced his jaw. She rubbed at the silky stubble there. Made her way further down to his throat, thumb pressing into his pulse.

“I hope you’re ready for me Nick. I’m famished.” Her stomach cramped as she rubbed at the skin beneath his jaw.

“Yes, please.” Nick tilted his head, a clear invitation.

“Holy shit, this is so hot.” Dia muttered behind them

*rubs my Caribbean hands together* so hope you enjoyed that…lemme just get back to torturing these characters…

Wait! I just remembered…my brain told me to describe this as Gravity Falls meets Lost Girl with a Caribbean twist and…???


Look, I don’t know ok. That was my exact face but I’m rolling with it lol (i blame my practically devouring Gravity Falls on Netflix) and yeh my character Nick is sort of a grown up, Dipper?? except British, with Caribbean ancestry and also not white? but with the same interest in the supernatural/unexplained.


And, I meaaaaaan…this is literally Nick after he met Lynx tho…so…


Anyhoooo I could just drop Gravity Falls gifs in here all day and then this would get way longer than it was supposed to be *cough* so END POST!


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