Snippet Sunday: The chicken bearing hero

Yup, you read that correctly, chicken bearing hero.


So last week this happened:


In my defense there was food mentioned right at the time the character’s drummer status was and I just don’t know ok? I don’t know what my brain was doing. Anyhow this spawned a hilarious conversation about a hero sporting some chicken in his pants and me being me i took it to a ridiculous place:




So because i figured we can all use some laughs right now I’m sharing the scene. Yes I actually wrote the scene where our hero has an actual chicken drumstick in his pants. I was already working on the outline for my enemies to lovers thing so I just let my guy do his thing and I may actually include the scene in this WIP cuz I cannot stop cackling, so please enjoy this unedited and super ridiculous snippet:

He was already late for the meeting with Cherry. Definitely strike one against him. The pounding rain outside wasn’t helping the situation. He was umbrella less, so waiting for the rain to ease seemed like a good idea but Cherry was already blowing up his phone with Where are you?? texts, a whole string of angry face emojis following.

He thought of telling her he was outside but whatever, he was getting annoyed by her texts so he’d let her stew. That was gonna bite him in the ass and for the first time he was regretting this whole best man thing. And his friend’s insistence on a joint bachelor/bachelorette party. Why, for the love of Christ couldn’t they have separate shit?

Now he was forced to deal with Cherry. Her being Ava’s maid of honor and all. Fuck his life seriously.

He decided to search his backseat again; maybe he missed a miracle small umbrella somewhere. Ah ah! He pulled a crumpled, jacket from below the seat. It was clearly the one his niece had worn earlier, she must have forgotten it.

On second glance it was probably Maxi’s that she’d loaned her daughter. It was a little too big for a five year old but was still sorta snug for Keiran as he struggled into it and flipped up the hoodie. Whatever it’ll have to do.

He’d made his run for it to her apartment, rang the bell and waited with his hand stuck in the pocket and…what the hell? His hand touched something slightly rough, yet smushy at the same time and Keiran pulled out the last thing he ever expected to find in a jacket pocket. A fucking half eaten chicken drumstick? Seriously? His niece must have…

The door swung open and Keiran shoved the thing in his pocket. Shit. He’d been so quick to vanish the thing he’d gone for pants pocket. Wrong pocket. Dammit. Too late to even do anything now.

Cherry didn’t look impressed that he was finally here. She just shook her head and turned on her heel, leaving him to follow. Keiran considered going back out in the rain and driving away but this was for Eric.

“You’re late,” Cherry said, arms folded across the front of the blue all in one thing she wore. He wasn’t sure what it was called, he knew he’d seen his sister wear this sort of style before. It was like an adult onesie except with shorts. Her hair was secured in two plaits, face bare of any makeup and Keiran stared. Cataloged freckles and bare feet. He’d never actually seen Cherry in casual wear before.

“Sorry, lots of rain.”

“You have a car,” She pointed out.

He just stood around awkwardly since not only had he never been to her place; he was also now carrying around a drumstick in his pocket. He should probably excuse himself to the bathroom or something. Wrap that shit in toilet paper and chuck it. But then she’d have chicken in her bathroom bin, and she was sure to know he was to blame.

“Forgot my umbrella then the rain came down so…”

“Whatever we should get this…” her brow furrowed “Keiran?” she was watching him funny now. Except, she wasn’t focused on his face. Her eyes had dipped low to his…oh shit.


Cherry knew she’d been raging when Keiran hadn’t shown up at the appointed time. She hated waiting, hated late people. So she’d gone into pissed off mode, sending him a multitude of texts demanding to know where he was.

So maybe, just maybe she had her rage filter on which made her see things that couldn’t be right. Because there was just no way that Keiran had what looked like the end of a drumstick sticking out his jean’s pocket. There was no way.

Cherry took some breaths. Figured she’d make a joke of it to cut the tension—that he’d caused with his lateness so she wasn’t really obligated to do anything, but for the sake of her sister she would make nice.

“Keiran…” she said again “Is that a drumstick in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”

He didn’t laugh. Instead his face flushed “Well, actually…” he said sheepishly, pulling out a real live, half-eaten fried chicken drumstick from his pocket.

Cherry blinked. She wasn’t sure what else one did in such a situation. The next logical step was probably to ask why? “I’ll probably regret this…” she already was “but why the hell do you have chicken in your pants?”

He shrugged “Cuz i’m here to feed both your desires and hungers?” He followed that up with waggling brows and a goofy grin.

“You’re an idiot.”

“Perhaps, but an idiot with chicken so…” he held out the damn drumstick like she was supposed to be impressed. She was this close to calling her sister and urging her to cancel her wedding so she wouldn’t have to endure anymore of this.

Zero regrets




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