The Paths We Choose: Fancast Feature!


Happy Release day to Maria Hollis. Her second book in the Lillac Town series, The Paths We Choose is LIIIIIVE!

Most of the times when reading I might have some idea of how characters look based on the author’s description but what I really love is seeing the author’s inspiration for their characters! So today Maria was kind enough to show us her fancast. Plus we get some bonus character deets as well whoo!


barbara ferreira

Name: Lidiane Monteiro Ferrari (Lily)

Age: 20

Eye color: light brown

Hair color: pink (when natural it’s dark brown)

Lily has a deep love for bright hair colors, nail polish, and honesty. She hates when guys are assholes toward her and when other people hurt the ones she loves.

Fancast: Bárbara Ferreira


kristina elise

Name: Mayte Eliza González

Age: 23

Eye color: dark brown

Hair color: black

Mayte is into art, late night conversations, songs in Spanish, and comfortable clothes. She sees life as an adventure and doesn’t like when people don’t go along with her on this journey.

Fancast: Kristina Elise


paula kawanishiName: Karen Matsumoto Mello

Age: 23

Eye color: medium brown

Hair color: black

Karen loves a good party, but she also enjoys having a quiet time to write her stories. Candy sweets and the sea are other things she likes. Misunderstandings make her nervous and she can’t stand the idea of losing friends.

Fancast: Paula Kawanishi


charlotte mckee2

Name:  Hope Lauren Sheridan

Age: 24

Eye color: green

Hair color: light brown

Hope believes there are aliens watching us beyond space and the stars. She can’t stand when people judge her and feeling left out in conversations.

Fancast: Charlotte Mckee


photoName: Anika Mitra

Age: 19

Eye color: dark brown

Hair color: dark brown

Anika is always baking something new or looking for more colorful stickers for her collection. She hates being the center of attention.

Fancast:  Sabrina Jetli


RebeccaLeighLongendyke as Chris 2Name: Christine Alice Morrison (Chris)

Age: 22

Eye color: blue

Hair color: light blonde

Christine is in love with music, pizza, and her girlfriend’s dimples. Pressure, and talking in public are things that make her nervous.

Fancast:  Rebecca Leigh Longendyke


Jane Oineza as JosieName: Josalie Torres Navarro (Josie)

Age: 21

Eye color: dark brown

Hair color: medium brown

Josie loves books, cupcakes, and dancing. She doesn’t like when people joke about her small stature or make assumptions about her.

Fancast: Jane Oineza

The Paths We Choose (Lily and Mayte’s story) is available here !

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