HAVEN: Beards & Bondage#1 – ARC Review

Ok first off when i saw that cover??? whew! *fans self* That is an excellent cover *pets Shep’s abs*


Right. So the book starts off with a bang, literally! Claudia and Shep meet when she’s running from some guys who killed her brother and tried to do the same for her. Shep ends up shooting the guy. And now they’re connected by this awful event. Even when Claudia’s all healed up and back home they’re both on each other’s minds. Their meeting was brief but in that moment they shared something…a traumatizing experience like that? Yeah it was bound to happen, especially since he saved her life!

So Claudia takes the plunge and comes back to Shep’s mountain. I loved them together. He’s so cranky…this cracked me up, when Claudia learns his birth date:

“You’re just… so cranky. I want to envision this sweet Valentine’s Day baby, but I can just picture you walking out of your mom with a full beard and that scowl on your the face.”

and while Claudia’s willing to submit she does give him some lip from time to time which Shep clearly loved about her.

I almost screamed when i found out Claudia had Grenadian heritage yessss island girl represent! And them together was a beautiful thing.

She’s quieting the dull buzz in my head that usually comes with the noises of the forest. I like having her with me.

They actually talk, Shep always asking her if she’s sure she’s ok with every aspect of him dominating her. That’s so damn important i think. Communication is sexy as hell ya’ll!

And the sexy times were just hottttt. damn. The things Shep does: flogging, telling Claudia to have her tits out in public. not things i’d be comfy with BUT i definitely felt that heat coming off the pages with these scenes. They were just scorching together. There was no denying that.

I take a few deep breaths. I stretch. I pick up the flogger and run the leather between my fingers. It’s been a while, but my hands and my wrists know the way. I snap it through the air and my nerve endings instantly react to the sound. We’re going to have a good time.

Mmmhmmm Mmmhmmm good times

What i truly liked was that Claudia went through a traumatizing thing with her brother being murdered and her just barely making it out alive but she isn’t magically cured of her, what i’d call, PTSD. she’s aware she needs to talk to a therapist and eventually gets that help. and Shep even states that he knows his penis isn’t some magic thing that can cure all that. So by the end she’s still working to deal with all that. There is no love cure alls here thank you lawd.

Oh and lemme just say how much i adored Claudia’s bestie Liz. Liz did not take Claudia’s shit and i believe her book is next? And i’m sooooo ready for that!

While Claudia and Shep were on fire together i have to note when they were just chillin and relaxing it was so cute. I love when couples have that chemistry but when they can just cuddle together and watch ridiculous shows together? yeh i’m a sucker for actually chillin and watching Netflix lol.

And Claudia has an epic speech at the end there. loved every moment of that. i was panicking when i saw 8% left and wondering how the hell are they gonna fix this!! But i think it worked just perfectly.

A great start to this series. patiently waiting for more

Rating: Palm Tree on Samsung Palm Tree on Samsung Palm Tree on Samsung Palm Tree on Samsung

HAVEN drops April 25th so Pre-order the book here! 

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