Heart of Steal: ARC Review



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Oh these two! What a delight.

First off: I’ll admit I wasn’t taken in by the cover initially, I know most people loved it on sight! I was pretty hmm this is ok i guess about it but the more i see it the more i love it? Weird right? lol. It’s just something about the colours together, I don’t even know but it’s grown on me for sure!

But anyhooo, this isn’t my first Roan Parrish book but it is my first Avon Gale and I gotta say this duo just really works! Now I’m so curious as to their process. Did they each take a character? Did they work on them together? I’m always curious about this.

I think I was hooked immediately. This set up is just everything that appeals to me. FBI agent who works Art Crimes and wealthy philanthropist/occasional art thief??? Yes please! I mean look at this charmer in action:


He smiled, and my stomach gave an entirely unwelcome flutter. “I meant in art.”

“Oh, no,” I assured him. “Just an appreciator. You?”

“Oh, I am definitely an appreciator,” he said, his voice a purr. He held his hand out. “I’m Vaughn.”


Will and Vaughn are clear opposites, their moral codes are vastly different but whoo! their chemistry is off the charts and this difference where certain ethics are concerned *cough Vaughn stole a painting to get Will’s attention omg cough* leads to tension, obviously. Which I just wanted to shake my head at Vaughn each time like do not do it…do nooot…


I’d been reckless and I’d left William Fox a rather…aggressive invitation to the wedding. One that would either impress him mightily, or send him running in the other direction.

Vaughn is such a snob and yet i adored him? I did get pissed at him, just like Will did, for using his money to fix things but in the end he saw how that was just a no no, and yet it’s made quite clear that neither are fully changing the core of themselves for the other which worked for them.

Also please allow me to die once more at this scene right here because LOL

“Have I miscalculated your interest?”

William looked like he couldn’t decide whether to laugh or yell. It was smoldering. “You have miscalculated my profession,” he responded. We were standing close enough to kiss, and when he reached a hand into his jacket, my breath caught. I wanted to help him strip it off and kiss that spot of barbeque sauce off his perfect mouth.

But he didn’t take his jacket off. He slipped his hand out holding something from his pocket. A badge.

An FBI badge.

I was lightheaded. I spent three beats of my heart wondering what the medical diagnosis would be for dying of sheer irony.

Oh! There’s also kitty, a wee kittyyyy!! Which Vaughn totally acts like he doesn’t care about but hahahhaha oh the poor man you tried?

And what also stood out for me? Right away it’s explicitly stated that Will’s, sis Charlie and Vaughn are bi. So yesssss!!

Really enjoyed this one lots, Will and Vaughn were so cute together. And i’m looking forward to what comes next in this series.

I am also going to need this to this very thing  in this tweet to happen please and thank you! because I always fall for the intriguing secondary character relationships that maybe unfolding in the background and moooore stories with f/f relationships couldn’t hurt


And we all saw that #1 on the side of that photo of the paperbacks the authors posted sooooo safe to deduce there’ll be more books. Me, looking out for any info on a book 2…




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