WRAPPED // Review


Following a painful divorce, all pastry chef Shae Kenney wants for Christmas is one good date that doesn’t end in disaster. When Aidan Meyer, a smoking hot hunk from her past, matches with her on a dating app, Shae asks Santa for the strength not to screw it up. But when one perfect date with Aidan rolls into a second date, then a third and a fourth, Shae’s fear of heartbreak might just sabotage one of the best gifts she’s ever received—real love.

*This sweet Christmas novella features a slightly anxious plus-size beauty who is a master of all things cupcakes and tarts, and a bespectacled tech guy who just wants to sweep her off her feet.*


Honestly Rebekah Weatherspoon always hits out of the park for me, and this holiday novella is no exception. It was just the perfect, quick read for the season. I was grinning so hard from the beginning. I love how Rebekah always brings the amazingly funny female friendship and shows these interaction between Shae and her girls through their hilarious group chats.

They felt to real and relatable to me. Cuz you know your girls are gonna drop it like it is, no holding back, especially if you’re talking to them about this person you’re into. And Shae’s friends had me rollin’ at their comments. Exhibit A:

Please let the super hot guy from Shae’s old job sweep her off her feet and give her the dicking of a lifetime, just in time for Christmas. In Frosty’s name, amen.”


Especially Meegan who was so thirsty for Aidan’s nudes. She tried it but Shae was not about to share them and I loved how she respected Aidan’s privacy like that 🙂


The whole nudes exchange between Shae and Aidan had me cackling. i kid you not. I was smiling and snorting like a weirdo. That entire dialogue was hilarious and where can I find me a dude like Aidan who’s so sweet and funny duriiiing sexting??? like…yes please.

Shae, listen. Every man lives for the moment when a beautiful woman says she wants awkwardly framed, poorly lit pictures of his junk sent to her phone.

This guy lol i swear, he’s too funny and sweet and hotttt!!

Now if you haven’t read all the books in the FIT trilogy like me (I’ve read book 1 but I willl read the others i promise!) no worries, book 3 couple Keira and Daniel do make an appearance because Shae is Keira’s cousin but this works pretty well as a standalone. Although the Daniel Keira cuteness present as they countdown to their wedding is making me wanna get their book, SATED, like now.

Another important thing to note, while this is a fun, fluffy read Shae does deal with some anxiety where her budding relationship with Aidan is concerned. Her insecurities and worries about her feelings and how she was coming across to Aidan felt so damn real. I’ve never been married and divorced but listen getting back out there in this dating/relationship game is scaryyy. I’ve never done online dating or anything like that but I can so relate to how Shae felt about putting herself out there. Rebekah dealt with that so well.

And her talking it out with Aidan just had me allll up in my feels. I loved how she laid it all out and he understood.

So if you’re looking for a quick, funny, fluffy and deep read this is the one for you!!



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