10 Fave Books by Black Authors // Read in 2018 (so far)

I don’t know why I always torture myself this way and try to choose ten >.> buuut anyhoo in this list you’ll find debuts, backlist books, one book that isn’t out yet, a few YAs, but mostly Adult Romance šŸ™‚

The year isn’t over yet, I knowwww but I wanted to hype up some of the great books I’ve read by Black authors so far (I know there’ll be more before 2018 is over), because frankly, it’s annoying when people put out book lists with (insert number) best whatever books and yet not a single Black author in sight <.< Like…did you even try???

Anyways let’s get to it. In no particular order, here are ten books I consider faves for the year so far and want everyone to read!!



1. INTERCEPTED – Alexa Martin (adult romance)

This debut was super fun! Told via a single POV, the heroine’s, I was cracking up so many times. Marlee’s voice really shone through for me.

2. GUARDING HIS HEART – Synithia Williams (adult romance)

This was my first Kimani title and book by this author and I really enjoyed it! I liked Jasmine right from the start, how she doesn’t quickly show she’s fallen for Kevin’s charms, although she has lol. Their chemistry was amazing and so obvious from the start. So much banter, which is my absolute fave.

3. RUNNING WITH LIONS – Julian Winters (young adult)

Great cast of characters. The friendships, team camaraderie and squabbles felt so authentic. Every character was so well fleshed out and multi-faceted. I loved seeing their vulnerabilities.

4. CRIMINAL INTENTIONS (Season one, Episode one) “The Cardigans” – Cole McCade (adult romantic suspense)

Creepy and captivating. Each episode is done in the style of a crime TV show which is so well done. And we have the sloweeeeest of burns between the two main guys, who’ve been partnered up and neither wanted that. That’s my jam! Heed the author’s trigger warnings because this one’s intense.

5. WANNA BET? – Talia Hibbert (adult romance)

There’s just something about this book that secured it’s spot in my heart for my fave TH book, which is no easy thing since I really love them all. And lo! I fell hard for Rahul, our hero. Usually, the heroine has my heart but damn Rahul Khan got me. Perhaps it was his nerdy in the streets, bossy in the sheets thing he had going on *waggles brows*. He and Jasmine were just so good together. Also it’s an interracial romance between a Black heroine and a Muslim/Hindu hero. More interracial rom where both MCs are POC please and thanks!



6. SATED – Rebekah Weatherspoon (adult romance)

Keira was so nerdy and such a fangirl about her show which I adored, because when Iā€™m into something I love gushing about it, and Daniel is so into listening to her go on and on about it. šŸ™‚ Also hellooo interracial romance with two POC! Heroine’s a nerdy Black fitness instructor and hero’s a disabled Korean man who’s also a pyrotechnics specialist.

7. HOME AND AWAY – Candice Montgomery (young adult)

Okay, this one isn’t out til October but such a lovely debut. I won an ARC of it and it’s so pretty in person šŸ™‚ Taze is such an amazing character. So well fleshed out. But then we see Taze interacting with others and damn I love a messy, makes mistakes all over the place trying to find themselves characters. This book is very much about identity and family. The ones we grow up with and the ones we form.

8. UNDER THE KILT – Melissa Blue (adult romance)

A sexy bundle of books. I grabbed this one on sale and zero regrets! I’ve been meaning to get to Melissa’s Scots for a long time and I’m glad I did. I devoured it. These Scotsmen I Swear To God… so hot. And the women who bring them to their knees. Loved them!!

9. UNITED BY THEIR ROYAL BABY – Therese Beharrie (adult romance)

My first Therese Beharrie book and I really liked this one. A second chance at love romance and a contemporary royal romance with two black MCs double yes!! Queen Leyna and King Xavier agree to get fake engaged to unite their nations against any possible threat from their supposed ally King Zacchaeus which of course opens a whole heap of feelings since the Queen had previously broken up with Xavier when she took the crown. They had sooo much internal conflict going on and it felt so real and raw.

10. FROM SCRATCH – Katrina Jackson (adult romance)

I finally read Katrina Jackson this year, best decision made. This was an absolutely delightful read! We got a small town romance brewing between the new baker and town (that you can’t find on a map lol) fire chief and town cop. And they’re all into each other!
I was so into this! There’s lots of great banter between these three and the fact that we get a trouple consisting of 3 POC??? Awww yessss. šŸ˜€


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