Dance All Night //ARC Review


So First off, can we discuss the adorableness that is this cover??? I absolutely love it! Just look how happy Jess looks and damn Nik, baby got back lol 😉 

Dance All Night was a really fluffyyy and cute holiday novella. Nik was just the sweetest guy and I loved Jess who’s a bit of a Scrooge. There’s lovely dance scenes in this and the dates Nik planned were all so well thought out and adorable. 

We get to see characters from the previous books but this can very much be read as a standalone if you haven’t yet read books 1 and 2. 

This was exactly what I needed to read at that moment (I was down with the flu when I read this and it really cheered me up)  Who doesn’t love sweet heroes, and Nik is just that. I liked that he’s the romantic and Jess is the realist who doesn’t buy into the hype of Christmas but through their dates she gets to see what it means for Nik and maybeeee (she totally did) fell under the spell of it and Nik 🙂 

I have to add at no time did I feel like Nik was trying to force his love of Christmas on Jess. It was a genuine sharing of something he loves by incorporating little things into their dates that he knows Jess would love too. 

It was a quick read and perfect pick me up. Definitely a five star read for me! 🙂 


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