After a million years…

When i saw the UK version of This Savage Song was out I gasped! because that meant I could get it earlier than the July release.

Now the US cover is my fave of the two, but listen I wanted it now and i could not wait, although it took a million years to get to me here in the Caribbean

BUT…at long last…i have iiiiiit!

Alsooo how cool is that epigraph  tho?? (ahhh i initially typed epitaph and LOL no) from Victor Vale, from Vicious. Look if you haven’t read Vicious, drop everything you’re doing and go read it. <~~~~i even linked it all easy like for ya!

I’ve read the first two chapters of This Savage Song already and i cannot wait to devour the rest. Kate is something…and so is August. No really…he’s something…not quite human. I cannot wait to learn what that’s all about.

Review when i’m all done!

So for now…



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